Antonis Livieratos

One of the most respectable musicians of Greece, for more than three decades, comes back with his first solo album since 2004, though all this time, he’s been remarkably active with other projects and associated acts.

I remember Antonis Livieratos (Αντώνης Λιβιεράτος) back from the ‘90s, when I was still a teenager, as one of the local heroes of the Greek underground scene, a musician and composer who was exploring the boundaries between art rock and eclectic pop, electronic sounds and modern blues. He has released three solo albums and an EP from 1999 to 2004, and five albums as a member of Κεφάλαιο 24/ Chapter 24, between 1988 and 2013.

So, what could we expect from a veteran in 2018? Surely more than you think. A bunch of authentic songs, eclectic and sophisticated tracks that immerse to his deep background and his diverse influences. Artistic pop, prog rock, jazz and early proto-electronica are all packed in a nice and strange way, while accompanied with his peculiar Greek lyrics.

Livieratos is a long-serving psychedelic craftsman who plays most of the instruments (guitars, electric bass, Rhodes piano and harmonica among others), a crooner that alongside produces and mixes another notable album.

Meanwhile, if you wanna go deeper in his admirable work, do not miss his previous releases with the bands of Dr. Atomik, Illegal Operation or Sigmatropic (to name a few).

In Antonis Livieratos we trust.

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