Arklio Galia

Energetic, weird, interesting. This is how “Arklio Galia” and their new album sounds like. Actually, they always did sound this way.

It’s been 11 years since a group of friends decided to create a band and sing unexpected absurd poetry, full of inside jokes, served by histericall voice of the band’s vocalist and leader Žilvinas Jagėla.

Sadly, if you’re reading this in English, you probably won’t have any clue what he’s singing about. Everything he sings always has been and still is in Lithuanian. The happy part is – you surely can understand their music. It’s a colourful, fine quality mix of punk rock, blues, jazz, ska and some other unidentified genres. While the most part of their previous albums sounded like a lo-fi record from their neighboor’s basement, this one’s more appealing.

“The previous albums were made without stinting on energy and love. This one’s almost the same, except – we didn’t stint on the money also“, says the band.


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