Karina Buhr

Karina Buhr is a Brazilian singer who has contestation in her DNA. Her first two albums – “Eu menti pra você” in 2010, and “Longe de onde” in 2011 – demonstrated this characteristic.

In her new album, called “Selvática”, Karina’s protester vein is even stronger. While the whole record takes up social and political issues of the contemporary world, “Eu sou um monstro” (“I am a monster”) is an extremely direct feminist song, with lyrics stripped of any metaphors that would soften the message.

“Today I don’t want to talk about beauty / Hear you call me a princess / I’m a monster,” Karina sings in the chorus. Even though the song has some quiet parts, it’s the fury that draws attention. Not only the singer’s fury, but all woman victims’ of male chauvinism in their daily lives.

The guitar riff is as aggressive and furious as her lyrics. In “Eu sou um monstro” Karina Buhr embodies a warrior ready to fight against male chauvinism and defend women’s equality. A message necessary for everyone to reflect.

You can download “Selvática” for free here.


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