Marina Sena

In Brazil, Minas Gerais-born singer Marina Sena became a national phenomenon in 2021. This was all due to her debut album “De Primeira”, which brings an unique, affectionate and very inviting sound.

But it’s not like she was a total stranger before. Marina made some noise back in 2019 in the alternative pop scene with the Rosa Neon band, she has also celebrated her northern Minas Gerais’ roots with the unique sound of the project A Outra Banda da Lua.

With her solo debut, the singer has combined her references and broke standards in the Brazilian pop scenario, bringing something smart and fluid in a refreshing tropical sound.

At a time when social networks present a fundamental opportunity for songs to reach bigger audiences, Marina was successful with the single “Por Supuesto”, which became the most popular song on the album.

Overall, the singer’s lyrics and voice personality were the perfect combo that has helped creating catchy choruses that address themes ranging from love to spirituality and female empowerment.

Stream “De Primeira” LP on Spotify.

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