Choi Joo

One of Mongolia’s most promient young musicians, Choi Joo recently presented us his latest R&B hymn, “Serenade Aminor”, which was also the hymn of this year’s Sunrise Festival Mongolia.

The festival already took place earlier in August, but in a way Choi’s music is like a festival itself: multi-faceted and big-sounding.

He’s been famous for multilayered choruses and a heart-breaking solos of the guitar or the sax. His wandering keyboards are contraster with disciplined rhythm section. Bluesy guitars meet cinematic strings.

In his songs, the Ulaanbaatar-based artist embraces the whole richness of arrangements that soul music has been cherished for over the years.

But Choi’s charm is not only about his sound. As the video for his previous single “Ogt Orgui” (watch it below) demonstrates, he’s also an eye-catching performer.

So if you’re anywhere close to Mongolia’s capital right now, check out if he’s not playing somewhere with his band. Apart from his hits, he might present some new material, which is something we’re really looking forward to.


Choi Joo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

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