Long-awaited debut album from our favourite Mongolian singer-songwriter.

Magnolian has been around for half a decade already – he won our Best of 2016 for Mongolia with his great debut EP, “Famous Men”. It took him some time to finally get ready for a full-length album, but for some time now he’s been sharing new songs from this long-awaited release, like Rome and Caroline.

Both of these songs appear on “Slow Burn” LP, which at last came out recently. This collection of nine songs (and an interlude) includes both quiet compositions woven around Magnolian’s exceptional vocals and his acoustic guitar or piano, and more upbeat moments, in the right balance. Some come with beautiful strings arrangments, like “Civil War” or the aforementioned “Rome”, which you can also enjoy with a simple but lovely video below.

If there’s something we might complain about is that the album’s available only in English. We admit that the Mongolian of “Banquet”, from his debut EP, is still something we keep on repeat. But who knows, maybe some local renditions will also come with time.

Stream “Slow Burn” LP on Spotify.


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