The Colors

If you’d have visited Mongolia in the recent weeks, here are some songs you would quite probably hear on the radio.

The Colors are one of the most acclaimed pop/rock bands in Mongolia, one of those you expect to see at the country’s most important summer festival. And they are authors of one of the songs we’ve been keeping on repeat over the years.

The Ulaanbaatar-based group led by Togtuun Gansukh recently came back with a new EP called “I’m Falling Into the Sky”, which has been in the making for around three years – ever since they the full-length called “Unuudur Heden on Be? Noyon Tagtaa”.

Since its release, songs from “I’m Falling Into the Sky” have been charting on the radio, and you can guess they’re not afraid to be playing in front of an empty venue. In October, they also performed in South Korea.

In 2019, The Colors will finally get some more international recognition they deserve after almost 10 years of hard work. In March, they will play at SXSW festival in Texas along with two other Mongolian artists you might already know from beehype – The Lemons and the wonderful Magnolian.

We’re keeping our fingers crossed for all three acts!


The Colors on Facebook, Instagram.

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