New single “Cel mai frumos loc de pe pamant” from the legendary Romanian alternative-rock band Coma is a statement for all doubters. If there are any.

The boys are better than ever, which is somehow surprising if you take in the fact that they have had a very long career that started way back in 2000. They’ve never fell off or anything, but for some reason they have really hit their mark lately.

Let’s take this new song for example. It’s the perfect blend between alternative rock and melodic, mellow sounds. This has been their core sound all these years, yet somehow they manage to keep it fresh. I can’t wait for their new record, which should be droping in November.

Until then, I’ll blast “Cel mai frumos loc de pe pamant”, a title that translates to “The Best Place on Earth”, which sounds like it’s about a certain location, but it’s really about their loved ones.

Still, you will find yourself in the best place on earth when you play this track. So do it!


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