Dylan Thomas.

As a newcomer shoegaze & dreampop wave arrives over Costa Rica’s local scene, Dylan Thomas. still shines as one of the most prominent little weirdo bands which can explode anytime until it becomes the next greatest cord-guided band of Central America.

If you may doubt of it, ask Burger Records about the band (the lo-fi label just added San José’s quintet to it’s roster later in 2017).

Along 13 minutes, Dylan Thomas made their first official effort, as an EP, blasting over nihilist themes surrounded by echoing riffs and teen angst.

“Suceso en la Plaza”’s title may be confusing. Although the band have kept a mystic line over their musical process (Dylan Thomas, positive or tragical events on parks or even referring about Yo La Tengo’s Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House), the indie-rock quintet gleams as one project to keep an eye on and don’t fuck with.


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