There is a nihilistic, nocturnal brand of psychedelia with Menesses that could be explained with thei krautrock rhythms, guitars overdriven into furiously combusting engines.

There’s also a detached delivery that alternates between slithering and swaggering. They know what they do and do it well; you know what they do and you either vibe with it or don’t.

And like all good psychedelic musicians, Menesses leave enough space for you to choose your own adventure within their self-titled debut album. The songs almost feel like circles. It doesn’t really matter where things begin and end, you can drift away with it any point, and then come back to one of those sudden eruptions of noise, get hypnotized all over again by another incantatory vocal line.

You could (and maybe should) leave the album on a loop, letting everything continuously feed into each other. And each time one of those details latches onto you, Menesses might take you someplace new all over again. (Pablo Acuña)

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