For the duo её, the most important thing is to remember who you are and where you are from. That’s why they often wear vintage clothes and use 80-90s entourage in their videos. At the same time, their lyrics are very feministic and somewhat aggressive.

The duo from Kyiv consists of Katya Ofliyan and Igor Biryuchenko. Katya writes the songs and Igor is responsible for the music and the final sound of their compositions.

They formed in January 2016. And their first single “Хавьер” (“Javier”), with the title inspired by the famous actor Javier Bardem, brought them a quite wide recognition.

Both musicians had earlier played in a band called DeliKate, with a soft jazzy sound. But they were looking for self-realization and were not satisfied with what they were doing. That’s why they have started “её” (her), where they are free to be themselves and experiment with pop-music.

This month, they released two new songs. The single “Enjoy” is very catchy piece and after the first listen it makes you want to hit the repeat button. It’s light and you can feel the summer vibes in it. The other song, “Не надо” (“Do Not”) is way more heavy. The lyrics – half in Russian, half in Ukrainian – are very pessimistic, as the song is about the war in Ukraine.

Such combination of two contrasting songs in one release reveals the dual state of mind that prevails now among young people. On the one hand, it is summer and there are a lot of festivals, parties and other ways to have fun. On the other hand the war is still going on and every day we get news from the battlefront.

Katya and Igor emphasized it in this new release and made it very up-to-date.


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