Erki Pärnoja

“Efterglow” is the second solo album by Erki Pärnoja, who achieved widespread recognition as the guitarist for Ewert and the Two Dragons. Unlike his work with the aforementioned ensemble, “Efterglow” is an instrumental work.

“Glow” is a fitting word, as memories of the 70’s glow through the album’s tapestry. It also addresses the general feel, as fairly steady drumming lays the foundation on which luminous swaths of synths and his dynamic guitar ply their trade. Even though there are explosive moments, the album prefers to glide from moment to moment most of the time, making the most of feel instead of force.

Manny from Black Books once advised someone to picture themselves as “a loose lily floating down an amber river”. Evocative of both sunset and twilight, “Efterglow” would be a solid fit to accompany either that trip or, for that matter, many a travelling scene from cinema.


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