Asking a Koala to come down from the tree to play with the lyricist/singer who is waiting down there for a longtime. That’s what this simple infantile song, “Koala”, is all about.

“Koala” is the first song of the latest EP (with the same name) of Faarjam, the Netherlands-based pop/rock band, released in August.

Faarjam is a band of Dutch members formed around Iranian frontman Massoud Faarjam Saidi in the city of Arnhem in 2013, when they released their first EP, “Awar E Rang“. In their last EP there are also two Turkish guest musicians collaborating with them.

The frontman, who was born in Iran and grew up in the Netherlands, developed his career as a singer and guitar player from 2003 with different bands.

In 2009, he started his solo projects focused on Persian poetry, esspecially Hossein Panahi’s poems, that ended up forming Faarjam, the band.

If you enjoy the song “Koala”, you can stream the EP in its entirety on Soundcloud.


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