Siriya Ensemble

A group of former school friends trying to create a new form of folk-pop.

“Bemooni” (May You Stay Endlessly) is the new single of Siriya Ensemble from Bushehr, Iran, published in the beginning of 2021. Written by singer Mohammad Laryan, it is based on a folk song, and features Habib Meftah, a prominent Bushehri musician – this time not on percussion, but on flute.

Siriya Ensemble was formed in the Southern province of Bushehr in 2017 by a group of school friends. They try to create a new form of folk-pop which has its roots in the rich folk songs and melodies of the region and at the same time has a contemporary sound and arrangement that complies with the taste of their generation.

After releasing a few singles, Siriya Ensemble published their debut album in April 2020 called “A Table for Two”, which was mentioned in beehype’s Best Albums of 2020.


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