If you’re, like us, a fan of layered female vocals, Farao’s mesmerizing new single “The Ghost Ship” will be your track of the week, month, and maybe even more.

Kari Jahnsen writes, arranges and produces her music, which will be quite impressive the moment you hear what “The Ghost Ship” sounds like – “impressive” is the least we can say.

Her proper debut LP “Till It’s All Forgotten” came out in 2015, and while we’re waiting for her second full-length this new track is a promise of something spectacular to come, hopefully soon.

“The Ghost Ship” lasts just about 4 minutes, but if you get lost in the layers and u-turns of this single, that will be exactly what she wanted to achieve. According to Farao herself, it’s a song about losing control and losing relationship.

Dear Farao, please never ever find yourself.


Photo credit: Brage Pedersen

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