Kaja Gunnufsen

Norwegian is such a wonderful language to sing in, Kaja Gunnufsen reminds us.

It’s ten years since we discovered Kaja Gunnufsen and her artful and beautuful music video for her debut single “Au”, still one of our all-time favourite beehype discoveries. Over all these years, Kaja showed up only when she felt she’s got something to present that’s worth your attention.

Her focus on quality rather than quantity is also true about her new full-length album “Interiør og død”, her first LP in seven long years, bearing some of the “big and small things” she’s experienced over that time (like giving a birth, or two).

So what does the album sound like? It’s mostly joyful and full of that kind of energy that from the first seconds makes you stand up and dance, or at least move your head a bit. Kaja’s bright vocals go ahead and vibrant arrangements follow. “Jazzing med Kaja”, as one of the best songs’ title goes.

Lest we forget that Norwegian is such a wonderful language, especially to sing in. Thanks for reminding us about that too.

Stream “Interiør og død” LP on Spotify.


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