Dreamy, electronic soundscapes from Líggjas Olsen, a musician based in the Faroe Islands’ capital, Tórshavn.

Olsen was formerly associated with the band Déjà Vu, but in 2011 he decided to go on his own, and began to record under the moniker Frostfelt.

“Undone” is his first new song released in a while and, hopefully, indicates that a follow up to his “I Have A TV Set” EP is on its way. Just like other Frostfelt music, it was produced by Emil Joensen, also known as Sakaris.

It’s a meditative, restrained track that captivates the listener with laps of warm synths and echoing vocals. The combination of electronic sounds and organic but overwhelmingly melancholic atmosphere is reminiscent of bands like Radiohead or Archive.


Frostfelt on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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