Lea Kampmann

Lea Kampmann’s journey of self-discovery inspires excellent fully-fledged record: “If I Ever Made You Cry, I’m Sorry”, a reminder that there can always be a light at the end of the tunnel, and Lea beautifully harnesses the light, dark and every moment in-between.

In short, Lea’s dream pop universe revolves around heartache, anxiety and life as a young adult. And Lea wants to be your gentle companion for your daily contemplations.

The music is a classy mix of electronic and organic melancholy sprinkled with hope. The songwriting is next level. The melodies are catchy and beautiful, but it’s the vocals which brings the magic to the table. Lea is truly blessed with the voice of an angel. Soothing, heartfelt and goosebumps-inducing are words which come to mind.

When Lea’s debut album “Common Blue” dropped in 2017 the potential was obvious. Five years later we’re no longer talking potential. We’re talking an absolute gem of a fully-fledged second album. Make no mistake. Lea is the real deal.

Stream “If I Ever Made You Cry, I’m Sorry” LP on Spotify.

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