Spend the next few minutes with the “Best Male Singer” from the Faroe Islands – as well as a visual artist – Heiðrik.

Heiðrik is best described as a multitalent. What makes him stand out from the rest is the saying: “Jack of all traits, master of none”. Not because the saying is a fitting description, but rather because he defies the saying by being a jack of all traits, and master of quite a few!

Let me explain. Heiðrik is best known as a talented visual artist ranging from graphic design and paintings to acting and directing movies. On top of that he’s also an excellent singer, and in 2016 Heiðrik made a statement with his beautiful album called “Funeral“.

That same year Heiðrik was nominated in six different categories at the Faroese Music Awards. He had previously won FMA awards for ”Best Music Video”, but this time round he also won the award for ”Best Male Singer”.

And now you’ll also get to experience the Faroese phenomenon. This time as a singer, actor and video director.

Also check out Heiðrik’s other new video, “White Flag“.


Heiðrik on Facebook, Soundcloud.

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