Hunter As a Horse

The duo Hunter As a Horse originally met in South Africa a few years ago. But since then, they’ve lived in London and Berlin, and their just-released debut EP has been recorded in a hiding in Italian province.

If you like the darker shades of synth-pop and film directors associated with the film noir tag, the singer Mia van Wyk and the producer/pianist Paul Gala will delight you with their otherworldly five-track debut “The Two Magics Vol.1”.

An extract of what they’ve written during a one-year solitude in rural Tuscany, the EP combines nostalgic, astral synths with old-school beats and some of the best melodies we’ve heard this year.

There’s electro and there’s, folk, there’s Philip Glass and Bat For Lashes, but in spite of diverse inspirations (and locations), Hunter As a Horse’s sound is surprisingly consistent.

Released about a week ago, “The Two Magics Vol.1” is available in its entirety on their Soundcloud. Above you can stream one of the record’s highlights, “Fallen Leaves”, a four-minute semi-spoken song about “young love, true friendship and a first kiss in the woods.”

Wait for the chorus and you’ll fall in love too.


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