Skai Lounge

Skai Lounge is one of the few local artist from South Africa who produce dreamy music, but it ain’t just music… this is an experiment and tranquil internal experience.

Dream – pop tunes from outta space, music made to electrify your mind, and tame your soul. It will remind you of artists such as Bonobo and Tame Impala.

“D.M.C is literally about some of the deep conversions I’ve had with friends and strangers, plus learning how to genuinely connect with fellow human beings,” says Skai Lounge.

Carefully composed, wavy basslines are complimented by ambient vocals and a coercive downtempo rhyhthm. The whole thing has a beautiful and unexpected tenderness attached to it.

Let Skai Lounge speak himself:

“My new release titled ‘D.M.C.’ was artistically inspired by Bonobo sampling techniques, but the overall feel of artist like Gold Panda, Giraffage, Chrome Sparks and Flying Lotus was what I was trying to emulate since I’ve been loving their works of art…”.

“Listening to their albums felt like I was listening to an audio book, I learnt so much. Lotta producers aim for this “clean and polished” sound, thus neglecting the beauty in imperfections, deliberate mistakes and overlooking the importance of textures in the music.”


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