Norwegian indie pop goes through the roof.

J00 describes their own music as explosive 3D pop. The quartet originally from Trondheim combines elements of indie rock and electronic music in a colourful and innovative way.

J00 (pronounced “you”) released their first single in 2018. Since then the band has made it’s mark on the Norwegian music scene as a great live act. The fact that singer Thea Ellingsen Grant also is a member of the successful jazz band JUNO is just another reason to be optimistic for the future of J00.

Their latest single “Skeleton” is a peak at the band’s debut EP, currently in the works and scheduled for release in 2021. The band made the song while in self isolation, the vocal being recorded via Zoom.

When the chorus kicks in with the guitar and the words “we were crazy, we crazy” we get hit by a wave of feelings. Is it teenage nostalgia? Is it joy? Bittersweetness? With it’s explosions and breakdowns “Skeleton” is reaching out in multiple directions.

Call it sophisticated power pop if you will.


J00 on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud, Spotify.

Photo: Kristoffer Hylland Skogheim

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