Junior a

Junior a sounds like an anthem for young & careless summer days. Yes, he’s young, both on stage and in real life. Nevertheless, this 25-year-old Lithuanian truly is a rising star.

In one year this bedroom producer managed to escape the bedroom by presenting his debut EP “Born Busy“ to the world. The outcome exceeded the expectations: his songs reached Spotify USA Viral 50 chart, were played for BBC “Radio 1“ as well as Apple “Beats Radio“ listeners.

“Songs are born not in the studios“, – says junior a. This is convincing, because all of his pieces are made using 9 year-old Macbook, the cheapest MIDI keyboard you can find, “Garage band” and borrowed computer speakers.

What’s more, all the videos, following each of his song, are made by junior a as well. That’s exactly what you would expect from a proper DIY lo-fi artist.

Also, expect to be spellbound and taken on top of the roofs of the city skyscrapers or drowned to dreamland while listening. Hazy synths, authentic vocals and electronic percussions will take care of it.

Stream “Born Busy” EP here.


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