Berlin-based Yemeni-German duo of Ibi Ibrahim and Hanno Stecher have successfully crowfunded their debut album, “Momken Bokra”, which came out at the beginning of this year.

The band combines Arabic lyrics and traditional Middle Eastern patterns with contemporary influences, unafraid of building tensity with minimal means. It takes a while to fully appreciate their compositions, but they’re worth the effort.

“We see our music as a bridge not only between two people of different backgrounds, but also as a bridge between different parts of the world,” they explained. “Our goal is to create something, that merges our different musical influences and approaches.”

The whole album consists of 9 original songs and a cover of traditional Yemeni folk song. While you can stream the whole thing on Bandcamp, here’s one of the most beautiful moments of the album, “Enta Arabi” (Are you an Arab?), full of questions about identity.


Photo credit: Robert Rieger

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