Kimo Rizky and Kallula Harsynta Esterlita together as KimoKal rise to be one of the most promising new names from Indonesia.

Their take on electronic music is peppered with an array of influences, ranging from shoegaze, pop, to psychedelic. There’s always a hint of melancholy and even more so when we look at their videos, so far being loyal to the dramatic black and white.

“Lonely Child”, a recent single off their debut album “O”, is an exciting place to start, with a frosty facade and softened with the intense and hearty voice of Kallula.

The most exhilarating thing about Kimokal is perhaps we might never know where they take us. The melody along with the music is intriguing – far from predictable and always exciting.

You can stream “O” LP in its entirety here.


Photo: Kinez Riza

KimoKal on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitterwww.

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