Los Wálters feat. Kathia Lynne

Following up the release of their magnificent full-length “Isla Disco” – number one in our Best of 2016 – Los Wálters have shared a new single, this one a bit of a departure for the group.

“Chica de las Estrellas” is a cover of another Puerto Rican indie group, Ícaro Azul, and features pop-singer Kathia Lynne of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, who joins the handful of artists that have collaborated with the group to date.

Originally written by Osvaldo “Macoyo” Rodríguez – now singer of the garage-pop band Los Petardos – the track features input by fellow electronic artist (and member of the live version of Los Wálters) Furry Vowels.

Los Wálters served as producers on “Chica de las Estrellas” and were responsible for mixing as well, with mastering done at Turtle Studio.


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