Luísa Maita

Classic Brazilian rhythms find contemporary sound on the new album by São Paulo singer Luísa Maita, worth keeping in the loop.

In 2010, Luísa Maita won attention in and out of Brazil with her first album called “Lero-Lero”, which featured an organic sound mixing samba and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).

Recently, the singer from São Paulo presented her second album named “Fio da memória“. This work is quite different from what could be expected of the artist. Now the sound is based on an electronic atmosphere. We can still identify Brazilian rhythms, but everything is more universal.

The eponymous song “Fio da memória” is a good example of this new phase for Luisa Maita. Brazilian elements blend with pleasant electronic beats, serving as a basis for the singer’s velvety voice. All this while she sings in loop about memories.

Maybe about the impact that some memories of other generations and past lives have on our contemporary lives? It is as if the past found the future, like is the case of her new album.

Stream “Fio da memória” LP on Bandcamp.


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