Marcelo D2

Marcelo D2 is a hip-hop veteran from Rio de Janeiro.

He started his career fronting Planet Hemp, a revolutionary (and controversial) group from the 90s that brought to the mainstream media discussions about drug legalization.

As a solo artist, he garnered attention by mixing hip-hop with samba and other Brazilian music genres while collaborating with a handful of both young and veteran artists.

Now, five years after his latest album, he’s back with “Amar é Para os Fortes” (which means “Loving is for the Strong”).

The album is a statement of the path that D2 has trailed in his 25-year career. It was released along with a short movie — starring his son, Stephan — that tells a story about a young boy named Sinistro who lives in a Favela but dreams about having an art career.

Opposing themes of love, violence and religion are detailed through clever rhyme schemes and crisp production that borrows from different music scenes, ranging from Rock to Forró — with “Resistência Cultural” and “Filho de Obá” as clear highlights.

With the help of newcomers like Rincon Sapiência, Alice Caymmi and also gigantic names like Gilberto Gil and Seu Jorge, D2 draws a landscape that involves the listener even if he’s not watching the film.

Stream “Amar é Para os Fortes” LP on Spotify.


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Photo: Victor Castro

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