Mari Cheba

Mari Cheba has appeared in the Ukrainian indie-pop scene in 2015. Frontwoman of the band, Maria Cheba, has had a project before, but only now she has gathered a full band.

It consists of four members and together they have just recorded their debut album called “Iona”. Maria switched from social pop music to trip-hop and this debut LP already demonstrates their unique style and skills.

The musicians say that this material has changed their lives, and they expect it to change lives of those who listen to it. The band wanted to share love and happiness, which they have found during recording, with their audience.

Its name is translated as “The Dove”, the dove of peace in this case. It also may refer to a biblical character Jonas or Camus’ story “Jonas, The Artist at Work”.

It’s better to listen to the album with headphones on in a silent and relaxing place. And from all 6 songs, we probably like “Svitlo For Y” most. Its name was taken from the first word of the song – «Світлофори» (Traffic Lights). Transliterated into English, it became “Svitlo For Y”, and in Ukrainian “svitlo” means “light”.

It’s unusual music for Ukrainian scene, and it hasn’t got much popularity yet. But if you have a chance to see Mari Cheba live, make sure to check them out.

Stream “Iona” LP in its entirety here.


Mari Cheba on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook, www.

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