Metá Metá

One of the most unpredictable and critically acclaimed alternative bands in Brazil, Metá Metá today released their third full-length effort, “MM3”.

The São Paulo group is formed by three great personalities of the Brazilian scene’s – Juçara Marçal, Kiko Dinucci and Thiago França. They have already given us two incredible LPs, followed last year by an EP called simply “EP”. In their music, they experiment with all kinds of influences and even in our times of ubiquitous eclecticism, they keep bringing together sounds and ideas that otherwise would never meet.

What distinguishes “MM3” from Metá Metá’s previous releases is that the trio, for the first time, decided to try writing together. They also invited bass player Marcelo Cabral drummer Sergio Machado to join the process from the very beginning. Adding North African and avant-garde inspirations, it resulted in a record that seems more intense, focused and thought-provoking than anything Metá Metá have done before.

While you can listen to “MM3” on multiple streaming outlets right now, here’s an early single, “Mano Legua”, and a great taste of the whole album.

Photo: Fernando Eduardo

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