Muthoni Drummer Queen

Muthoni the Drummer Queen (otherwise known as MDQ) is here to lead the Kenyan renaissance.

Changing the music scene isn’t enough. She knows that a catchy tune behind a dope beat can only do go so far. Muthoni (the Grand Schemer) wants to change Kenya itself.

In the anthem called the “Kenyan Message” she questions everything and everyone. Why do pastors think it right to unjustly benefit from their fervent believers? Why do politicians steal shamelessly from the government coffers?

Why do Kenyans themselves contribute to this grand debauchery with unabashed bribery? It’s like a jungle sometimes, she says. We’re in this with you, Muthoni. Fists raised.

In the end, Muthoni is like the teacher all teacher want to be. Fun, while still imparting knowledge by the handfuls. This is the uprising. Keep up or keep out.


Muthoni Drummer Queen on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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