Idun Nicoline

The young and talented Idun Nicoline will hypnotise you with her airy voice and beautiful harmonies.

Idun Nicoline wrote the song “I Might” after recovering from a heavy case of mononucleosis which prevented her from writing music for almost three months. Additionally, she was offered a scholarship at Berklee College of Music in Boston. As any 19-year-old she struggled to make a decision for the unpredictable future.

Luckily (at least in our opinion), Idun finally decided that she wanted to accept the opportunity to approach her musical career via the college that has been the place of study for John Mayer, Quincy Jones and Psy (!) to mention a few.

“It is about not knowing what to do and the fact that it can be hard to make a decision that is a 100 per cent your own and not influenced by other people’s opinion,” she said about “I Might” to the Norwegian music blog Rubato.


Idun Nicoline on Soundcloud, Facebook.

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