Since his earliest releases, alternative R&B singer and producer Jorge Wieneke has been feeding us with nostalgia for computer screen as you might remember it from the late 90s and early 00s.

The comeback material of Wieneke’s intimate incarnation Nouvul brings even more of such retromania. He restarted the project a few months ago with “the quest to re-write errors from the past with the promise of a better future”. He made te 3-track EP called “This Quiet” – available on Soundcloud and Spotify – his time machine.

Wieneke recently shared a new video for the opening track, “Plié”, which blends old school ambient electronics with digitized vocals and a sparse beat into an otherworldly exploration of memories, dreams and the infinite possibilities of Office 97 text formatting.

Nouvul on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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