Okada Takuro

If you like the atmosphere of Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes, watch out for Okada Takuro’s upcoming solo debut album, appropriately titled “Nostalgia”.

Recording engineer, music writer, singer-songwriter, multi-talented musician Okada Takuro finally started his solo career mixing indie-rock like Wilco, Grizzly Bear, Fleet Foxes and Japanese ’80s AOR breeze.

On October 4th, Okada Takuro will release a new album “Nostalgia” on the label Only In Dreams / Hostess Entertainment. After his band Mori wa Ikiteiru disbanded, he made his first LP with help of his friend musicians.

Mifune Masaya from ROTH BART BARON is the guest singer on “Amorphae”. Nishida Shuta from Yoshida Yohei Group plays guitar on “Galasubin no Irony” (硝子瓶のアイロニー), which means “Glass Bottle Irony”. Even his old fellow Mori wa Ikiteiru’s drummer, pianist, sax player are helping him.

We can expect more songs with complicated structure and eclectic feeling from Okada Takuro’s upcoming album. So far, we can listen to these two songs and Okada Takuro’s Japanese AOR playlist on Apple Music.

Stream “Nostalgia” LP on Spotify.


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