Following an impressive debut single, “R U Down With It”, Kuala Lumpur’s producer Orang (Azfar Abu Bakar) recently released his first EP and one of this year’s essential Malaysian indie records.

The producer, also known from the group Lust, adheres to the classic avant pop ideal of never letting yourself be trapped in any kind of music category, even “avant pop”. Each of five tracks making up “Everyone” demonstrates a different approach to the same goal of balancing what’s articulated openly with things listeners have to figure out for themselves.

While you can stream the EP in its entirety on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, below is the first single off the album, “R U Down With It”. That’s something that might happen if you found yourself in between two stages, with The Avalanches occupying one of them and Animal Collective playing on the second one.

Picture credit: Muntasir Mohamed


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