Heartbreaking and powerful ballad from Spanish singer-songwriter PAVVLA.

There’s a telling inscription added to the latest video from Spanish singer-songwriter Paula Jornet Fargas, also known as PAVVLA: “Those of us who fight depression in its purest form are the resistance, and when you finally win, you have to celebrate it.”

“La Mejor Parte”, or “The Better Part”, seem like an inconspicuous 3-minute piano ballad accompanied by an equally inconspicuous phone-made video. In fact, it’s among the strongest music statements we’ve come across in this generally depressing year.

Yes, “you destroyed my world as I knew it”, she sings, but quickly comes the realization: “I’ve always been the better part of us two”. Behind that brittle vocals of PAVVLA you can feel the resistance she mentioned, and after a few more listens this tragic piece somehow becomes a song of hope.

“It is a very special song,” PAVVLA said when she first shared it, “I hope it reaches you”.


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Photo: Mònica Figueras

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