Pink Matter Dark Noise

In his attempt on gathering Costa Rica’s newest electronic music made by women, Ronald Bustamante manufactures the first volume of “Juegos Ambiguos”. In his record label, Pink Matter Dark Noise, Juegos Ambiguos shines due to the diversity held by the five producers, composer and singers.

Just consider this lineup: Bengalas and her engaging bubblegum techno, Mimus with her sweetest synthpop, Voodoo Lily’s atmospheric and glammed dance virtues, Blau Grisenc’s minimalism and finally, Rompiste Mis Flores brutal pop arsenal.

Juegos Ambiguos may be the best effort to reunite a female voice (even theres a considerable instrumental doses) broaden and diversified from different spaces.


Stream “Juegos Ambiguos Vol. 1” on Bandcamp.

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