Run Run Run

Hazy grooves, soulful rhythms, and vintage vibes from Chinese group Run Run Run.

Beijing psychedelic rockers Run Run Run find credence in the humid retro sounds of southwest China on their third LP – “五雷轰心掌” – released with Spacefruity Records.

While not as full of the krautrock-laced twists and and turns of their previous records – the band, which has gone through quite the shake-up – taps in something more elemental here: cooking up a zesty dish of electric guitar-drenched melodies, hazy grooves, soulful rhythms, and vintage vibes that adheres closer to the psychedelic funk that’s finding a resurgence across Southeast Asia.

And while traces of their love for The Velvet Underground still worms its way to the surface from time to time, this Run Run Run is a very different beast.

Stream “五雷轰心掌” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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Photo credit: gouzaixiaosun

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