Wachi 蛙池

Chinese newcomers Wachi (蛙池) combine rock with ethnic music and folk songs, with vocal melodies that roam freely.

Dongguan’s Wachi have become one of the indie scene’s most sought after bands these past few years – attracting legions of fans with their impassioned lyrics, soaring melodies, and it’s singer versatile voice.

Their debut LP “Outing 郊游”, explores many music forms including northwest China ethnic music (Xintianyou), Miao (Hmong) folk songs, and dombra rhythms, displaying playfulness in its instrumentation, with vocal melodies that roam more freely.

Diverse and deftly assembled (including production from Carsick Cars’ Zhang Shouwang) their music touches on everything from math rock to folk music, whilst charting its own path.

Stream “郊游 Outing” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.

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