Sara Boy

One of the most soulful new voices in the Gulf, Sara Boy gives us mellow R&B just perfect for the upcoming summer.

It seems Sara Boy is one of those contemporary artists whose origin is “global”. She has been raised somewhere in South-East Asia, we heard, but currently she calls Dubai her home. Yet you wouldn’t guess any of that just from her music.

Over the last dozen months, she has released a number of tracks online with the latest EP called “urotour” out this April, accompanied by a semi-video “26” published three weeks ago.

This song brings minimal arrangements combined with inspired, even monumental vocals. You wouldn’t be surprised to see it between recent premieres at Soul/R&B charts, or as the leading theme of a new cinema blockbuster.

Another highlight from the EP, “Taker” (below), is a little bit its opposite. It seems more refined in the initial concept and is full of overlapping vocal parts.

On the other hand, it’s emotionally much more moderate than “26”, even muted, and you might recognize there’s more resignation than reproach in the song’s chorus.

Sara Boy still seems like someone looking for her own place also in music, but maybe that’s one of those artists who never settle – and that’s actually good news for us.

Stream “Urotour” EP on Bandcamp.


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