Sail Into Night

Two tags go together on Sail Into Night’s Bandcamp page that perfectly describe the atmosphere of their debut album: mellow Dubai.

This captivating new duo constists of Zara (harmonium & vocals) and Nabil (guitars, drum machine & vocals). They both come from Pakistan, but for the last eight years they’ve been living in the United Arab Emirates’ most populous city.

To complicate things further, their debut album “Passenger” was recorded in Texas at The Echo Lab near Denton, and produced by Matt Pence, who “also produced the amazing stonegaze band True Widow – they’ve had a major influence on our music,” the band said.

Over 25 minutes of their debut, Sail Into Night literally submerge us in the “mood for inner contemplation”, their very own mixture of alternative / post rock and electronic music. While you can stream the whole album here, below is the first single of the record and one of our favourite tracks, “Parade”.


Sail Into Night on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

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