Shanghai Qiutian

Finding the atmospheric and textual beauty within there confines of math and post-rock, Shanghai Qiutian offers a fresh take of the genres that have flooded the earholes of Chinese audiences for decades.

Founded in late 2018 by Basque County raised Eñaut Martí Zinkunegi and Swiss Florian Rudin in the first-tier city, the duo work their magic on their exquisite debut “New Era, Shared Future“, out now on Wild Records. While shades of high-wire emo (that put the label on the map) linger, there’s a low-key seductiveness found in the looping chords and intricate interplay found within the production.

The standout title track takes the slogan of the China International Import Export Exhibition (China is big on slogans for just about everything) – a rallying call for uniting – and run with it – inviting vocalist Sara Zozaya to sing over the delicately laced drums and guitars which eventually boiling over into a feverish unleashing of potent vigor.

Stream “New Era, Shared Future” LP on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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