Even though she’s just started her career, you don’t need to live in Sigapore to have already heard about Linying.

Her hit single “Sticky Leaves” became a viral hit earlier this year, and we expect the same happens with her debut EP, “Paris 12”.

Released today, the five-track record is filled with the 20-year-old’s crystalline vocals and atmospheric arrangements. The material might sound utterly modern, but in her compositions Linying shows appreciation for the timeless beauty of, simply, well-written ballads.

The Singaporean singer-songwriter has just toured Austria and Germany and visits Seoul next week. She’ll also play in the UK & Australia in November, to finish up her first international tour at home at a concert at Neon Lights Festival in Singapore.

Whether you can be there or not, spend the next 15 minutes with “Paris 12” EP via Spotify, Deezer or iTunes. You can start with the eponymous single and one of this year’s most magnificent ballads.


Linying on Soundcloud, Facebook, TwitterInstagram, www.

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