Jondoe (無名氏)

In their new video, the Taiwanese-Singaporean indie duo Jondoe (無名氏) try to find solace in our dystopian and chaotic times.

Jondoe (無名氏), an emerging modern indie duo formed by couple members from Taiwan and Singapore, recently released their debut album titled “迷子”(”Maigo”), and now a new video called “Epilogue” (說).

Comprising indie pop, rock and folk music elements with English/Mandarin, their songs try to explore the deep recesses of human nature during the difficult times of Covid-19.

Covered with masks and ponchos, Jondoe hopes the audience focuses on the music itself; with cool rhythm and melodic synths sections, the rich and distinct vocals provide us a form of solace from everyday struggles.

Living through the dystopian and chaotic times as well as other societal frustrations of the last couple of years, Jondoe’s songs truly provide a cure for everyone’s lost and fallen feelings.

Stream “Maigo” LP on Spotify.


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