Half a decade after she made herself heard for the first time, the Davao-based singer, songwriter and producer Skymarines recently released her debut full-length, “Flight“,  helmed under the guidance of The Ringmaster’s Francis Lorenzo.

Skymarines (the monicker of Isa Aniga) has been an inspiration for other Filipino artists not only because of her talent and poetic sensibility. As important was the sheer fact she’s been writing, composing and producing the music herself.

Yet while we’ve been witnessing the rise of other self-made producers such as BP Valenzuela, Hana ACBD or Valiant Vermin, Skymarines all but disappeared for three years. But finally, now she’s back with her 10-track debut album, “Flight”.

If Skymarines’ early demos were an example of lo-fi bedroom music, intimate and fragile, her new material comes from an experienced, self-confident producer for whom melancholy and vulnerability is a matter of artistic choice.

“Nothing is beautiful,” she sings in her latest video, “Oasis”, directed by Augustine Paredes and animated by Megan Palero. And you will likely feel dissonance, as this song is essence of her new album’s beauty.

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