Stereo Nova

Two decades after its split up, the super cult band of Stereo Nova (Στέρεο Νόβα), reunited and returned with a new album and a live show for their dedicated fans.

I have Stereo Nova’s new album “Ουρανός” (or “Sky” in English) in my hands since the first days of its release. I have listened to it dozen times, but still, I find it somewhat difficult to write about it. What can you say for probably the best Greek band of the ’90s (in fact, it was for MTV back in 1994) and how can you find the courage to write about their 15 new tracks?

Stereo Nova released some remarkable albums during the ’90s. Pioneers of the Greek electronic music, they managed to combine wonderful poetic lyrics, strongly influenced by the daily life and the social environment of Greece, with fresh danceable tunes and delightful beats. They were disco and rave, they were playing with synths, drum machines and computers, when everyone else was playing with guitars and drums. They were arty and gay, and I guess that this was not an easy thing for the underground music scene back in those days.

K.Bhta and Mikael Delta have been working as solo artists since 1997, creating some remarkable albums and releases as well. Their decision to come back in spring of 2018, reuniting their early band, was obviously quite a big deal and a momentous event for music fans around Greece.

The duo’s new effort doesn’t have anything radical new, it’s true, we are in 2018 now, but you will definitely find a lot of fine moments in it.

Featuring equally songs and instrumental tracks, esoteric abstract sounds and joyous dancefloor outbreaks, “Ουρανός” will lead you to a melodic, trippy soundscape, full of atmospheric, emotional and eclectic music.

Stereo Nova’s return album it’s not just a decent one, it’s a successful welcome up. Come on, immerse yourself.

Stream “Ουρανός” LP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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