One of the most prominent representatives of Brazil’s modern psychedelia, Tagore are back with a mind-opening new album “Pineal”.

Tagore is a group from Pernambuco in north-east Brazil, led by guitarist and singer Tagore Suassuna, who won an acclaim in 2014 with the album “Movido a vapor” – one of beehype’s best Brazilian releases of the year. That work presented the psychedelic identity of the band, but in an extremely crude way.

This year, the group released “Pineal”, a new album totally soaked in psychedelia. Now their sound is more intense, strong and full of vibrant colors. Tagore’s songs are full of distortions, modulations and reverbs. As you listen to this music, you might easily immerse yourself in your own mind.

A curiosity: the word “pineal” represents a gland located in the center of the human brain, which would be responsible for our extrasensory connections. In some cultures, this gland is known as the “third eye“. Maybe that’s why the lyrics on the album show sensitivity to dealing with issues such as everyday life, social criticism and love.

“Mudo” (Mute) is the song that opens the album, and it’s one of two videos off this release yet – with the eponymous “Pineal” being the second.

It demonstrates the psychedelic tone of the whole work. The lyrics seem to be about someone who was silent when he saw things change around. Someone who was born to have what he does not have. Something for us to think about.

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Photo: Juarez Ventura

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