Tango With Lions

Katerina Papachristou’s band, Tango With Lions, returns after 5 years with a new LP, and I guess it was worth waiting for.

Tango With Lions were formed in 2007 and released their first album, named “Verba Time”, in 2010. All of the songs were written and sung by Katerina Papachristou, while “In A Bar“, a piano-driven song that was uploaded on YouTube, surprisingly reached more than 31,602,000 views on the platform.

Now they return with their third album, “The Light”, and although Tango With Lions’ name may bring to mind the famous Argentinian music style, I assure you that the band has nothing to do with it. There are redemptively darker moments in their music, folky harmonies and gentle pop hooks that will sparkle your indie heart.

Banjo, theremin, piano, celtic harp, acoustic bass, trombone and a lot of guitars are all gathered together in 9 songs, under Katerina’s guidance who sings with confidence her English lyrics. And while some of you may think that the world doesn’t need any other old fashioned music, I believe you should give this album a try, there is genuinely wonderful music in it.

You can start with “Proof Of Desire” or “The Light“, which are both lovable and dreamy.

Stream “The Light” LP on Spotify.


Photo: Alexandra Saliba

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