The Man From Managra

The Man From Managra. We first met him back in 2014, at our annual best of. In 2017 he returns with his second full length album and it is without any doubt the best thing we’ve heard this year.

“Half A Century Sun” was chosen by an overwhelming majority, was loved for its straight forward beauty and its everlasting songs.

Coti K.’s songs project, delivers eleven lovely pieces of smart pop music, urban blues and hearty folk tunes that were recorded, produced and mixed in Athens and Tinos island, between 2015 and 2016.

Having a great amount of remarkable collaborators and guest musicians, as Panos Galanis on drums, Rena Rasouli on vocals, Hristos Lainas on bass and guitar, Blaine L. Reininger on violas and vocals, Jim R. White on drums, to name a few of them, Coti K., who has now turned fifty, reveals his tender side with a collection of remarkable and instantly addictive songs.

Melodic and elegant, this is an excellent and totally charming record.


Stream “Half A Century Sun” on Spotify.

The Man From Managra on Bandcamp, Facebook, www.

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