Towa Tei

Towa Tei has made his 9th album “EMO” with support of Yellow Magic Orchestra children and fascinating female singers.

Since 2015, the eclectic house / electronica producer Towa Tei has been a member of METAFIVE, a super group consisting of YMO children - Cornelius, Tomohiko Gondo, Yoshinori Sunahara (ex. Denki Groove), Leo Imai, and YMO’s vocalist / drummer Yukihiro Takahashi.

“I made the new album during a break from METAFIVE,” Towa Tei said on his official website. According to his comment, METAFIVE’s members and other YMO children helped him all over “EMO”.

One of the highlights of this album is undoubtedly the song “Sugar” with UA, one of the most soulful and EMO-tional singers in Japan. (UA’s mother is from Amami Ōshima and UA once sang with Amami’s singer Ikue Asazaki, besides, she is a singer of Benzie’s group, AJICO).

With a beautiful landscape of flugelhorn by Tomohiko Gondo and guitar by Hiroshi Takano, in the background, UA sings about sweetest one that everyone has in their mind.

You can also enjoy two other videos off Towa Tei’s new album, “Brand Nu Emo” and “REM” – or stream the whole LP on iTunes.


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